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Data Cleansing and Data Scrubbing Services

Data Cleansing and data scrubbing refers to the procedure of detection and removal of incorrect, inaccurate or outdated data from a particular set of records or datasets. This is a very important step towards formation of a database as it brings in uniformity and accuracy to the database. DataCusp has been undertaking this service in the industry for many years owing to its highly qualified and efficient team of professionals and has set a benchmark in this regard.

The services under this domain involve:

  • Detecting corrupted records
  • Replacing inaccurate data
  • Correcting numeric values
  • Removing or correcting typo errors
  • Removing duplicate records
  • Checking for proper upper / lower case
  • Prefix identification (Mr. Miss. etc.)
  • Mailing address correction
  • Email / Phone verification
  • Correcting person title or designation
  • Others as per client interest

These services enhance the quality of data which in turn improves the accuracy and quality of business decision making and strategy formulations. DataCusp hence ensures accuracy beyond questioning for client satisfaction. We ensure that your project gets delivered to you on time as we understand that these datasets are the foundation of important business strategies. Be rest assured that your data is safe with us as we take eminent measures in data protection. In the end, it is a value for money deal which DataCusp brings in for you.

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