Frequently Asked Questions

  • Questions regarding our company

    • Q. What is the name of parent company of DataCusp?

    A. Market Quotient is the parent company of DataCusp. Market Quotient is a professionally managed firm offering wide range of research and analytics outsourcing services to global clients. With innovative and state-of-the-art technologies and processes, our data driven solution has helped our clients to outperform its competitor by improving business and operational performance.

    • Q. What does DataCusp really do?

    A. DataCusp is knowledge based outsourcing endeavor towards providing data based solutions and web research services to its clients across industries and domains. It is also an initiative of Market Quotient which is inclined towards providing ready industry databases and reports to its clients.

    • Q. What are the basic services offered by DataCusp?

    A. Data Mining, Data processing, Data Entry, Data Research and Data Conversion are the main services offered by DataCusp.

  • Doubts regarding the products offered by us

    • Q. What kinds of products are offered by DataCusp?

    A. DataCusp mainly offers ready and customized databases related to various industries and sectors across the globe mainly catering to company details including employee details, contact information, financial information and such like.

    • Q. What are the advantages of DataCusp products and services over others?

    A. DataCusp products and services are best in class due to superior quality and timely delivery. With the backing of an experienced team of professionals who bring in rich experience in the industry, the accuracy and quality is unquestionable.

    • Q.Do we have to pay anything to view the databases?

    A. We provide samples of our products for having a brief idea about the same. The samples are free. But accessing any full databases is chargeable, which is believed to be at minimal possible cost.

    • Q. How reliable and accurate are the products and services?

    A. Our products and services are backed by in-depth web research, reliable sources, excessive use of paid database sources and guided by experienced professionals. Hence, we provide the most reliable and accurate products in the industry.

    • Q. Can I get access to the products without registering?

    A.. You can see the product catalogue but not the details of any product without buying which is possible only after you register with us. That said, few sample products are placed in our sample section which if FREE and thus easily accessible.

  • Queries on our contact details

    • Q. Where are the headquarters of DataCusp located?

    A. The headquarters of DataCusp is located at New Jersey, United States.

    • Q. Does DataCusp have any branches? If yes, where are they?

    A. DataCusp has many branches and partners but its main delivery centre is based out of Kolkata, India.

    • Q. How can I reach DataCusp electronically?

    A. You can contact DataCusp by dropping an email at .

  • Inquiries on our policies

    • Q. How my privacy is kept safe with DataCusp?

    A. We ensure that our client details are not disclosed in any form. Your login credentials and account details will not be disclosed to any third party under any circumstances.

    • Q.In case of delivery problems, what to do?

    A. Please contact our customer service help desk at +1 201 258 4704 or drop in an email at .

    • Q. How can I be sure that DataCusp reports are original?

    A. You can be rest assured that the products offered by DataCusp undergo strict scrutiny and quality checks for accuracy and quality. The data is captured from trusted and authentic sources. Thus, originality is GUARANTEED.

    • Q. Can I use DataCusp contents on other websites?

    A. No, any kind of resale of the products and reuse of the same for commercial requirement is strictly prohibited.

  • Problems related to registration and login

    • Q. How to register with DataCusp?

    A. You need to go to our registration page and fill in the required details. You will be provided with a username and you can set the password according to your comfort.

    • Q. How to login to my account?

    A. You are provided with a Username and password at the time of registration. For logging into your account, you need to provide the same details in the login page.

    • Q. I cannot access my account. Why?

    A. You might have typed in your login credentials incorrect. For further assistance please contact our customer service help desk or drop in an email at .

    • Q. How can I reset my account password or change it in case I forget it?

    A. In the Login page, there is an option of Forget Password. After selecting the option, you will be prompted for your Email Id. Once provided, your login credentials are sent to your email directly. Option for password reset is available, once you login to your account.

    • Q. How can I edit my Account details?

    A. After logging into your account, you can edit your details with Edit option.

  • Issues related to ordering

    • Q. What are the available modes of ordering?

    A. You can place your order through our website or you can contact at our customer service help desk number for assistance.

    • Q. What are the available payment options?

    A. The payments can be made through

    • Debit Cards
    • Credit Cards
    • Net Banking


    • Q. What is the delivery format of my order?

    A. Once the order is placed, the details of the order along with the delivery format information are sent to you via email.

    • When can I expect my order?

    A. This depends on the product. In 90% of the cases, delivery of the product is provided within 2 hours of order placed in your registered email id.

    • Q. My order has not been delivered yet, what should I do?

    A. If your order has not reached you within the scheduled time, please contact our customer service help desk or drop in an email at with your Order Id. Our customer support professional will resolve the issue at the earliest.

  • General Queries

    • Q. Are there samples available to each of the products?

    A. No, samples are not available for each product but there are general samples available for quick look in our sample page.

    • Q. Is it possible to know the price of the product in my currency?

    A. No, USD is the general price given in the website, which is considered as the international currency.

    • Q. Are the prices of the products without taxes or with it?

    A. The prices of the products displayed in the website are tax included. There are no hidden costs involved.

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