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Web Data Mining Services

Web data mining is referred to as the collection and extraction of data from web based sources which may be helpful in understanding market dynamics, demand and supply statistics, new product analysis and such like. Currently, there has been a rising trend among various organizations across different industries for web data mining services. Hence, DataCusp has put forth the web data mining services catering to customized client requirements.

Data Cusp has the pioneering expertise in the field of web data mining. Our professionals ensure and understand the client requirements in the first place for the proper commencement of web data mining project. The professionals are in constant touch with the clients for their requirements and needs in order to head the web research in a proper direction. DataCusp has an efficient team who is well versed with web research technicalities and is proficient in searching and capturing data with utmost accuracy and understanding.

Ever since we started operation, we have worked on the following when it comes to web data mining services:

  • Populating database from various websites
  • Web mining newspapers for the latest pricing and information
  • Data mining for address, mailing list and email
  • Online competitor analysis
  • Creating lists of target websites
  • Extracting and summarizing prices for books, magazines
  • Creating lists of clubs and hotels
  • Populating database for companies providing specific product / service
  • Survey, focus group and forms data mining
  • Collecting news stories from online news sources

We provide the best in market web data mining services which has the many advantages like:

  • Foremost importance is given to understanding the client requirements by experienced professionals who keep track of the client inputs, provides inputs from the company end and keeps track of the day to day progress
  • Professionals who ensure minimal effort from the client end thus reducing effort and time consumption
  • An expert team who are associated with the web data mining thus ensuring data accuracy and the fulfillment of the project needs
  • Reduction in time and costing of maintaining individual teams for the web data mining services which in turn reduces operational costs
  • Hassle-free delivery of the required information in a format preferred by the client
  • Customized and effective cost structure according to the need and requirements of the client

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